HMO TIP #4 - HMO Kitchen Cupboards – THE Secret to Household Harmony in HMOs

This video will teach you why HMO kitchen cupboards are essential to household harmony. Your tenants will love you for it!

Getting Complaints About Lack of Kitchen Space?
Here’s What To Do…


In this series of videos we’re sharing with you behind the scenes of how we run our HMO management business for success.

Let me explain why kitchen cupboard space is important.

Humans are creatures of habit and very territorial.

And without guidelines, what happens is the 80-20 rule

20% of the tenants take up 80% of the cupboard space.


When we first started managing HMOs, we didn’t allocate kitchen cupboard, fridge and freezer space. And over time, we began to find that new tenants were asking where to put their stuff as there was no space!

We wouldn’t know whether the things in the cupboards, fridge or freezers belonged to current tenants or had been left by past tenants.


In one house old food left by a past tenant left a very unpleasant smell so we have a new system. And I wanted to share it with you. It’s the secret to HMO household harmony!

The beauty of this is tenants LOVE it.
And we do too.

It’s the little things that have the big impact.


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