HMO Landlords

Get Your Life Back Package


Robbie’s story

This package is for you if you own a HMO and you’re

  • Struggling to fill your rooms

  • Fed up from taking calls from tenants at evenings and weekends

  • Paying high utility bills when the heating is set to 247 Tenant Tropical

  • Tired of chasing rent payments

  • Not keeping on top of all the paperwork: checking right to rent, registering deposits, renewing certificates, drawing up ASTs…


Imagine your Property Prayers Answered

  • Total certainty about your returns

  • Guaranteed rent every month

  • Get your life back

  • We do the hard work so you don’t have to

  • Total peace of mind

  • Our fully Rent Smart licenced service keeps you fully compliant with all rental and HMO regulations

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"I’m delighted - from state of near destruction [my property was in before] through the refurbishment to the introduction of quality tenants and ongoing management, it’s been great. Meeting and working with HMO Heaven has been a game-changer".

Robbie Falconer (Landlord)

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We guarantee your rent. Every. Single. Month

This is where the magic happens. No voids. Ever. Just sit back and watch the rent roll in. Even when rooms are empty.

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We refurbish your property, if required

We know that multi-let properties can become tired. When you work with us, we’ll update and upgrade your property. In some cases, we pay for the upgrades and in others we manage the upgrade on your behalf.

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We charge you no fees. At all. Ever

We don’t charge you any fees. We simply pay you the guaranteed rent every month. We can do this because we charge tenants a slightly higher, yet affordable rent. We take all the risk. If rooms are empty, you get paid and we don’t.

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We pay your utility bills!

We’ve all been there, hanging on the telephone, for what feels like hours, opening/closing/changing/rearranging utility accounts. It’s no fun. When you work with HMO Heaven, we pay the bills. You get paid. Now doesn’t that sound good! And if tenants set your heating to Tropical 247, you still don’t pay a penny!

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We give you total freedom from tenant management

We are fully Rent Smart Wales licenced and will manage all aspects of your HMO. You never need speak to another tenant again. Unless you want to!

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We keep your property in excellent condition

We need to be able to fill rooms quickly when people move on. This means we are highly incentivised to keep your property in move-in condition. We even pay for initial refurbishment, if needed and minor maintenance. And pay for fornightly cleaning of all communal areas.


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