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Armchair Investor Package

For us it's a 24/7 business. For you it's a passive income

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This package is for you if you want

  • To achieve bumper HMO returns on your investments effortlessly from anywhere in the world

  • A full acquisition, refurbishment and management service

  • To invest in an area where property prices represent good value for money

  • To focus on the things you love while your investment works hard for you

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Try the HMO Heaven way

At HMO Heaven we are HMO specialists and we understand exactly how to source, refurbish and manage HMOs effectively to deliver your return.

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We find you the right property

With all property investments it’s about location, location, location. We take the guesswork out of it by finding you the right property, in the right location for the right price

We know what works in Newport. We know the streets to avoid and even the properties within a street that just won’t work.  Our sourcing is our secret sauce.

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We refurbish your property

We will refurbish your property cost-effectively to a high standard using our tried and trusted contractors. With our service you refurbish an HMO from your armchair or sun lounger anywhere in the world.

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We pay your utility bills!

As an investor building a portfolio the last thing you want is utility payment responsibilities for multiple properties. We’ve all been there, hanging on the telephone, for what feels like hours, opening/closing/changing/rearranging utility accounts. It’s no fun. When you work with HMO Heaven, we pay the bills. You get paid. Now doesn’t that sound good!

And if tenants set your heating to tropical 247, you still don’t pay a penny!

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We give you total freedom from property and tenant management

We are fully Rent Smart Wales licenced and will manage all aspects of your HMO. You never need speak to another tenant again. Unless you want to!

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We keep your property in excellent condition

We need to be able to fill rooms quickly when people move on. This means we are highly incentivised to keep your property in move-in condition.

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We deliver excellent returns

Our sourcing is our secret sauce to find you a property that will work for you. Our management is the cherry on the cake. It’s what enables us to deliver for you month after month and year and year.


Imagine your Property Prayers Answered

  • Total certainty about your returns

  • We deliver typical NET returns of 10-15%. While other property investment companies might promise gross returns of 15-20%, these rates often mask high management fees, high maintenance fees, and a number of other fees that ultimately leave you with a single-digit net return and a bad taste in your mouth.

  • A truly passive investment

  • We do the hard work so you don’t have to. You get to do the things you love while your money works hard for you.

  • Total peace of mind

  • Our fully Rent Smart licenced service keeps you fully compliant with all rental and HMO regulations

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