Lovely Living Package

Beautiful, affordable house shares for professionals

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This package is for you if you want:

  • A lovely home for an affordable price

  • One all-inclusive rent

  • Great service from our team of property angels


Try the HMO Heaven way

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We care about you.

People often ask us what the HMO in HMO Heaven stands for. It stands for Have My Own Heaven – which we feel everyone should have and is what we provide in our properties.

We aim to deliver beautiful havens for professionals who value stylish living. Places that you’re keen to get back to, where you can come in, close the door, kick off your shoes and feel happy to be home.

Each property has a dedicated Property Angel who will ensure that your home is beautifully managed and any issues swiftly resolved.

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We care about your home

Every fortnight your Property Angel will clean communal areas in your property to keep it gorgeous. Angels can also clean your room, if you would like. Our Gardener and Handyman will visit regularly to maintain your home and garden.

You will have one point of contact, and should anything need repairing or replacing – you know that we’re on it!

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We attract great tenants

We let exclusively to professional tenants, many of whom come to us via the corporate partners for whom we provide relocation services.

You know you’ll be sharing with like-minded professionals who value career and quality as well as fun and friendship.

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We pay the bills

We’ve all been there, hanging on the telephone, for what feels like hours, opening/closing/changing/rearranging utility accounts. Then there are the disagreements over splitting the bills. It’s no fun. When you live in HMO Heaven, we pay the bills.

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We give you time back

Rather than using your weekends to clean the bathroom or arbitrate in disagreements about the gas bill, you have more free time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you love.

Life is complicated enough, with HMO Heaven’s Property Angels you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


Live Lovely


All our house share properties include:

  • Free high speed wifi

  • Large flat screen television

  • Communal area

  • Council Tax included

  • Gas and Electricity bills included

  • Water bills included

  • Great customer service

  • Your dedicated Property Angel

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“Always prompt to follow up even a small issue. Friendly, approachable and responsive to questions”

- Elliece Hair (Tenant)


Call our Property Angels today on

01633 449200