#17 HMO Hero - Nick Leatherland - How to do 50+ HMO Refurbs in 2 Years!

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This week's guest on HMO Heroes Live at 5 is Nick Leatherland of Pegasus Property Group.

Nick Leatherland, along with business partner John Colclough have achieved so much in the past 2 years that is jaw-droppingly impressive.


Here are just some of the things Nick and John have done.

- Completed over 50 refurbs and developments with a GDV of over £9 MILLION in the last 2 years
- Raised over £1 MILLION in private finance
- Become serial entrepreneurs with multiple successful property businesses
- Totally systemised the refurb/development process to scale their business rapidly, sometimes having 10+ refurbs on at the same time!
- Killer branding and online prescence which totally dominates their niche
- Uber valuable refurb books, videos and materials to help you do the same
- Founded Unity Community for property investors

This interview has lots of great tips wherever you are in your property investment.