HMO TIP #3 - The 5 Red Flags To Help You Avoid a Nightmare Tenant

One of the big risks in a rental business is getting a nightmare tenant who damages your property or doesn't pay the rent. Here are the things to watch out for...

Have You Had Nightmare Tenants?
Here Are The 5 Red Flag So You Can Avoid Them


In this series of videos we’re sharing with you behind the scenes of how we run our HMO management business for success

And this one is soooooo important because it can be an absolute nightmare if you get the wrong type of tenant in a shared house because of the impact on the other tenants.

As owner or manager you’ll have a relationship of at least 6 months with your tenants. So you owe it to yourself and your existing tenants to do everything you can to ensure new tenant is great. 

These 5 red flags are the things we’ve learned across hundreds of tenancies. Where a cluster of these red flags come together, it can spell bad news…


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