#5 HMO Hero - Trisha Pegg - How to Raise Private Investor Finance

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This week's guest on HMO Heroes Live at 5 is the super fabulous TrishaPegg of Harvey Property Solutions Group.

Trisha's story is incredibly inspiring because what she has achieved in only 18 months is utterly jaw-dropping.


Trisha Pegg & Mark Harvey have been together for 12 years and in that time have worked in the corporate sector have 3 beautiful children aged 8, 3 and 6 months and a dog named Harvey. They got fed up working all hours for somebody else’s dream and decided it was time to work on their own.

In this video you'll hear about how they...

  • Built up a £2.6m HMO portfolio with none of her own funds

  • Raised £650k of private investor finance in 10 days

I know you’re going to love this whatever stage of business you’re at there are tons of takeaways. Here’s a few…

You can navigate straight to these points in the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing...

00:55 - Overview of Trisha’s achievements

06:00 - Trisha’s investment area

07:32 - Getting the first deal

08:48 - The training that changed things for Trisha & Mark

09:28 - The numbers on the first HMO deal and getting all cash out on reval

10:05 - Getting a commercial valuation as a newbie

14:03 - Tony Robbins - Unleashing the Power Within and sacking her boss

We had a few tech issues at the end so we did a second video. You can watch Part II by clicking the link below

Part II



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