#6 HMO Hero - Katrina Jones - How to Create A Hands-free Rent to Rent Business for Financial Freedom

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This week's guest on HMO Heroes Live at 5 is the super fabulous Katrina Jones of Kendall Bailey.

Katrina Jones is one of my personal rent to rent heroes. She is inspirational in what she has achieved after a rocky start.


Katrina will be sharing with us how she started and scaled her business. She has taken on staff, implemented systems and gone through growing pains to ensure she's now completely removed from day-to-day management of her portfolio.

Her business, Kendall Bailey now manages 30 rent to rent properties with over 150 HMO units.

Learn how Katrina got started with very little practical property experience and

- Secured 6 rent to rent properties in 6 months
- Built her team and employed staff within 2 years
- Has now set up the systems to entirely remove herself from the running of her business day-to-day

I know you’re going to love this whatever stage of business you’re at there are tons of takeaways. Here’s a few…

You can navigate straight to these points in the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing...

03:00 - Katrina’s background from cleaner to Australia and her start in property in the UK

04:30 - Severe anxiety - How Katrina overcame her biggest hurdle

09:05 - Getting started in rent to rent

10:28 - Kat’s advice for going into property

12:41 - How Katrina got her first rent to rent deal

16:29 - How to get 6 deals in 6 months!

18:20 - Taking on staff

20:10 - A lifestyle business v a hands-off, scaleable business

21:20 - The steps to a scaleable sellable business

25:50 - Katrina’s advise for systemising your rent to rent business

28:10 - Katrina’s Rent to Rent Academy

30:18 - The biggest challenges for people in starting rent to rent

33:45 - Katrina’s passion project