HMO Tip #9 Kiss Goodbye to HMO Deposit Disputes

This one tip will really change your business for the better.

A cost-effective in-house solution to help you kiss goodbye to deposit disputes forever!


In this series of videos we’re sharing with you behind the scenes of how we run our HMO management business for success.

The little things that have a big impact.

The tip is a life-saver if you’re fed up of expensive inventories that don’t deliver and time-consuming and expensive disputes with the Deposit Protection Service.

Before we dive in, I just want to check that you’ve watched HMO Tip #8 about how avoid tenant disputes as they are two sides of the same coin.

 This tip is going to save you hours of unnecessary messaging, telephone calls and hassle.

Most disputes come down to lack of communication

 This simple step is something we devised because we wanted to our up our game. We’re continually looking for ways we can provide better service and deliver what our tenants want consistently. 

In HMO Tip #8 I talked about the Check in Checklist which has massively cut the time we spend corresponding the tenants about issues previously contained in our written guides which many tenants weren’t reading.

 This tip is all about the Check out Checklist

Between the two online documents, we’ve never had a dispute go through DPS for disputed damages.

So what did we do?

We seriously improved our communication with tenants when they move in and when they move out.


-       It’s much easier to delegate the move in and move out process to different people without losing quality or consistency of approach

-       It frees you from expensive and time-consuming inventory services, which for HMOs are often unhelpful

-       Your tenants will see that you have an efficient documented process

-      As it’s fully evidence based, you’re less likely to get claims made against you by tenants

-       We’ve not had a damage dispute via DPS

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