HMO Tip #8 Avoid Tenant Disputes With This Simple System

Stop tenant disputes before they start…


In this series of videos we’re sharing with you behind the scenes of how we run our HMO management business for success.

The little things that have a big impact.

This one will massively improve your relations with tenants, save you hours of to and fro on messages and countless unnecessary disputes and wranglings. None of us want that.

Before I kick off, I just want to check that you’ve watched HMO Tip #4 how to avoid nightmare tenants and the 5 red flags. That explains how to make sure you get the right tenants in the first place.

 Once you’ve got the right tenants on board. This tip is going to save you hours of angst!

Most disputes come down to lack of communication.

 This simple step is something we devised because we were having problems. The problems were on checkout having some one or two stained mattresses in a row where the tenants had removed the mattress protector we supplied. (High quality, none-rustley mattress protectors, by the way). The stains were not removable so new mattress had to be bought from tenant deposits. We don’t want to keep back and it’s such a simple fix.

In two rooms, issues with condensation which easily resolvable but required an extra step in our process.


 So what did we do?

We seriously improved our communication with tenants when they move in. Our system is easy to implement and for a small time investment upfront, it provides SO many benefit.

-       Our tenants feel important and valuable

-       They see at move in that keeping their home lovely is important to us too

-       It doesn’t rely on our tenants reading the guides!

-       It makes it much easier to outsource your move in

       It makes it much easier to outsource your move in

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