#15 HMO Hero - Pete Baker - Your Rent to Rent Questions Answered

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This week's guest on HMO Heroes Live at 5 is Pete Baker of Baker Walia.

Pete transformed his life with rent to rent in just 18 months and joins me to answer your rent to rent questions


Tonight's show is a bit different from previous ones as we'll be answering your rent to rent questions live.

Pete is a rent to rent power house who created and grew his business Baker Walia such that within 18 months he left his corporate job to jump into property full time.

And I know many of you know who I am (Stephanie Taylor) but many are new to this site so here’s a quick summary.

I run HMO Heaven, a rent to rent HMO management business with my sister Nicky Taylor. We also buy our own HMO properties to grow our portfolio. 
- We started HMO Heaven in June 2016
- We have recently bought a commercial property and are going through planning to convert to 4 x 1-bed flats
- We're buying a 12 unit HMO and an 8-bed HMO at the moment
- Once all current purchases and new rent to rent refurbs come online we'll have 87 units 104 tenants
- We've systemised our HMO management business and have a full-time Property Assistant working with us and we love to share the things that worked for us with you

In this interview we answer the frequently asked questions many people have when they’re new to rent to rent. I hope you find this useful.