#13 HMO Hero - Dan Brown - Get on the Fast-Track to HMO Success

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This week's guest on HMO Heroes Live at 5 is Dan Brown of Habibo

Nervous about investing in HMOs as you’ve heard that 2018 is too late and the market is saturated?
Dan Brown has a brilliant story about how to get started in HMOs in a big way! His first HMO is fully refurbed and tenanted and now achieving £1,400 per month NET cashflow! Find out more about how Dan & Helen did it…


Dan and his wife Helen, really set off fast out of the starting blocks when they started to invest in property.

- Their very first deal is not delivering £1,400 per month NET cashflow!

- We also get the inside track and sourcing and stacking for Habibo II - their latest project. It's a biggie with planning for 2 HMOs on one plot, plus further development plans. Forecast net income is a whopping £4,200 per month NET

- It's not all about the bottom line though. Dan and Helen have created a quality and innovative brand in Habibo and will be talking to us about that too.

Well worth a watch.