#12 HMO Hero - Mike Stenhouse - HMOs - Get a Competitive Advantage with Commercial to Residential Conversions

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This week's guest on HMO Heroes Live at 5 is Mike Stenhouse of Inside Property Investing.

Listening to Mike Stenhouse’s Inside Property Investing was what made it real for me that property could become a full-time business for us. His show touches tens of thousands of people each episode with inspirational warts-and-all stories of how people have achieved property success. In this video we're finding out about Mike and Victoria's success story.


In many areas of the country HMO investment has become competitive. While that is true, some investors are bucking the trend and using innovative strategies to produce HMO properties which stand out from the crowd and are hugely popular with tenants and produce superb returns for investors.

Mike, along with his wife Victoria, has been hugely successful. He talked to us about how they

- Secured over £1.5m in private investment – with a deep dive into deal structuring

- Made commercial to residential conversion a winning HMO strategy

- Begun newbuild developments with potential 6-figure payoffs

- Built an incredible brand with an online community of tens of thousands

A brilliant interview which I think you’ll love - so many golden nuggets.


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