#4 HMO Hero - Tom Henderson - Working with Investors

Working with Investors. With HMO Hero Tom Henderson

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In this HMO Heroes Live, I’m delighted to welcome Tom Henderson who's already become a pro at working with investors and HMO developing.


In just a few years Tom has completed 15 Property deals, raised significant JV finance and is now moving into development.And all by the age of 23!

Tom started out in property at just 17!
I love his energy, ambition and go do attitude.

His first property was a bottom-of-the-barrell unloved property. He did the strip out himself and most of the work. Learning the basics on youtube. Over the next couple of years he bought 6 properties on 2 streets and refurbished them for rental.

Tom shares with us how he's attracted long-term overseas investors to work with him and his take on how get started and grow your property business.

There were so many nuggets in this one. Here are just a few of them. You can navigate straight to these points in the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing…

01:50 - Tom's first property deal

05:32 - Sourcing tips

07:09 - Single best way to get deals

07:39 - Tips for beginners - where to start?

09:26 - Top 3 tips for working with investors

11:20 - How to build your social profile

12:58 - Working with Chinese investors 

13:54 - Running multiple developments simultaneously

18:10 - Structuring deals