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Whether you'd like to get into HMOs with minimal financial commitment through rent to rent
or minimal time commitment by buying HMOs remotely and outsourcing management
you're in the right place to get started!

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Rent to rent would be ideal for you if you are keen to invest in HMOs with minimal financial investment and are prepared to work hard (at least initially while you set up your systems and build your team).

With rent to rent you can build a substantial business fast and create financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Here you'll find...

- Grow Your Rent to Rent Business Fast - Create Magnetic Marketing Letters for HMO Landlords

- 5 Simple Steps to Landing Your First Rent to Rent Deal

- 3 Marketing Secrets to Put You Streets Ahead of Your Competition

- HMO Deal Analysis Spreadsheet - Know Your Numbers

- 3 Reasons NOT to Start a Rent to Rent Business - The Things People Don't Talk About

This video shows how to create magnetic marketing letters to HMO landlords with compelling content which really works. PLUS: Our most effective letters to download and adapt for your business

Go from zero to hero in 5 easy steps

HMO management is now hugely competitive Here’s how to stand out in your marketplace to deliver exceptional value AND do things that your competitors don't!

To be successful in this business you need to deliver exceptional value AND turn a profit. Here’s how to make sure every deal is a winner. PLUS: Download our deal analysis spreadsheet

Watch this video to find out if rent to rent is the strategy for you. The downsides noone is talking about…

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Buying HMOs and outsourcing management is ideal for you if you are keen to invest but don't want to manage tenants. It requires minimal ongoing time commitment but you do need to invest time upfront to ensure you buy right and select the right letting agent. 

By investing in HMOs remotely with the right due diligence you can create an almost passive income stream, achieve excellent cashflow and enhance your long-term financial future with equity growth. 

Here you'll find...

- 5 Must Ask Questions Before Choosing an HMO Letting Agent

- Rent to Rent is Illegal, Immoral & A Scam - What HMO Landlords Need to Know

- Does Guaranteed Rent Mean Low Rent?

- How to Avoid the Top 3 Mistakes When Investing in HMOs Remotely


Choosing the wrong HMO letting agent can be a very costly. Here’s how to get it right

This video is all about why rent to rent is illegal, immoral and a scam…

Have you wondered whether guaranteed rent would be a better deal for you. This video shows you how to make sure you get the best deal for you

Avoid The Top 3 Mistakes When Investing In HMOs Remotely

Avoid The Top 3 Mistakes When Investing In HMOs Remotely

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