HMO Landlord Series #1 - The Easy Step to No Voids (Empty Rooms) Whether You're Self-Managing or Have an Agent

Stop Throwing Money Away in Your HMOs…


In this series of videos we’re giving you the HMO Tips & Tricks to help make your HMO properties deliver better for you and your tenants.

No one goes onto property investment because they want another job.

These tips help you make more money every month, more equity in your property and spend less time doing it so you get your life back.

 I’ll give one tip for self-managing landlords and another if you have an agent
Self-managing landlords skip to 1:27
If you have a letting agent skip forward to 04:27

The little things that have a big impact
This week it’s gold dust as this one thing will reduce the empty rooms that put a big dent in your profit line.  

Here’s why minimising voids is important.
Even if you have 5% void which I know a lot of people think is acceptable.

 Let’s look at what happens…

 On a 5-bedroom house with a room rate of £350 per room

Your gross rent is £1,750 per month and £21,000 per year 

Losing 5% in empty rooms you lose

£1,050 every years and £5,250 every 5 years

 Let’s say you have 2 properties, then you’re losing

£2,100 per year and £10,500 every 5 years

So you REALLY have to get a rein on this

And keep your business running smoothly

As a self-managing landlord there’s one easy thing you can do Watch from 01:27

If you use an agent, there are a few questions you need to ask Watch from 04:27


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