#2 HMO Hero - Garry Slater - Building A Brand & Staying the Course!

Building a Brand and Staying the Course. With HMO Hero Garry Slater

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In this HMO Heroes Live, I’m excited to welcome Garry Slater. Garry has built a thriving company and is hugely likeable. He's built multiple very successful brands and is gearing up for further significant growth


Garry has built up several business over the past 10 years. Whatever he does, he does it exceptionally well. 

I first came across Garry because his letting agency Slater & Brandley ranks first across the UK for HMO management on google.

Garry’s focus is on growing his business while maintaining exceptional quality for tenants and partners. 

Garry has a great story. In the video you’ll hear about how he 

  • Bought 24 properties in 24 months and held on to them in the crash

  • Grew his lettings business at Slater & Brandley to over 400 units including 175 HMO units by systemizing and built a team of 8

  • Ramped up his HMO development and is currently completing a 4 to 9-bed project The Gables

I know you’re going to love this whatever stage of business you’re at there are tons of takeaways. Here’s a few…

You can navigate straight to these points in the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing...

03:58 - The training Garry did which led him to buy 24 properties in 24 months

12:02 - Who are the essential people in a property management team and how do you start putting them together when starting out? – Question from Raj S

15:14 - Which professional bodies can help you to be a HMO compliant property manager – Question from Raj S

18:04 - What are the key steps in systemising a HMO business? – Question from Joey H

20:02 - What are common pitfalls managing a large number of HMOs?
I just want to know what I need to be looking out for. - Question from Joey H

23:35 - How do you vet prospective tenants what criteria do you use in order to get the most reliable ones? – Question from Paul S

32:15 - Sourcing the 4 – 9-bed development The Gables – Pure persistence!

34:25 - Going through planning with 1 parking space!

34:30 - The numbers on The Gables and bridging finance

40:11 - HMO development tips

46:40 - Advice for newbies to achieve £500 per month cashflow

48:54 - Advice for surviving in property in the long-term


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