#3 HMO Hero - Abagail Dempsey - Optimising Opportunities & Outsourcing Like a Pro

Optimising Opportunities & Outsourcing Like a Pro. With HMO Hero Abagail Dempsey

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In this HMO Heroes Live, I’m delighted to welcome Abagail Dempsey who’s had a hugely varied life and career from pastry chef to property investor.


Abagail is an Aussie who spent some of her early childhood in the UK and moved to the UK permanently at 23. She’s always been a systems whizz and she helped her brother grow a small business with 7 staff into a multi-million pound international business with 50 staff in the UK alone.

When Abagail left the business after 7 years, her brother hired 3 staff to take over her role! She’s a real dynamo.

After leaving the business, Abagail indulged her creative desires as a pastry chef but found after a while she missed the buzz of business. Abagail discovered property, did a course and then jumped right in with both feet buying 6 HMOs in 5 months!

Since then Abagail has gone on to create a system for selecting and training Virtual Property Assistants. She’s produced an ebook which takes you step by step through the process. Or if you prefer, Abagail and her team can do it all for you.

If you’ve ever wanted to outsource all the administration for your HMOs but are worried about sourcing, training and overseeing them. This is interview is golddust for you!

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There were so many lightbulb moments for me in this video. Here are just a few of them. You can navigate straight to these points in the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing…


00:30 - Summary of Abagail’s property highlights

08:09 - From pastry chef to property investor

10:35 - Buying 6 HMOs in 5 months

11:37 - Buying her first property

14:32 - Stick your fingers in your ears as Abagail explains 100% bridge with same-day remortgage and take out £40-50k

17:03 - GOLDEN NUGGET for getting ahead

23:40 - The importance of boundaries and GDPR for landlords (also see links to blogs below)

26:26 - Systems, outsourcing and freeing your time

34:26 - Number 1 tip for outsourcing effectively

36:00 - How to check whether a potential VA has the attention to detail needed for a Property VA

39:20 - What is virtual property management?



Contact Abagail on 0203 500 4579 to find out more about her Virtual Property Management Service. Special offer of 50% off for 3 months for the first 5 people.

Download Abagail's Free 'How to Hire a Personal Assistant' ebook

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