#1 HMO Hero - Paul Tanner - Building A Property Empire Fast!

Building A Property Empire. FAST! With HMO Hero Paul Tanner

HMO Heroes is a celebration of excellence within HMO professionals. HMO stands for house of multiple occupation aka house shares. We do a series of live video interviews with people who are exceptional in this area. We have a free HMO Heroes facebook group where HMO obsessives hang out and we'd love to welcome you. You'll need to be a member of the group to watch the videos.

In this HMO Heroes Live, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Paul Tanner. Paul is a funny guy, he’s built a great company and I love his ambition and his drive. 


Paul Tanner of Empire Property & Lettings, Birmingham

Paul is testament of what can be achieved with the right mindset and focus.
When you watch this, you’ll be amazed that Paul has only been in property full-time for just over 2 years!

Paul has
- Built up a lease options portfolio
- Created a rent to rent business
- Built up his lettings business to over 200 units and hired a team
- Bought a lettings agency
- Is currently converting a property to 15 all-ensuite units with all money out
- And moving forward Paul has further development plans as well as buying a letting agency each year!

So I think you’ll agree he named his company well, when I tell you it’s called Empire Property & Lettings. 

Whether you’re just starting out in property or you’re scaling your business there are lots of golden nuggets in Paul’s story

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I know you’re going to love this whatever stage of business you’re at there are tons of takeaways.

25:30 - Starting out in rent to rent and a bumper deal!

28:15 - Commercial property

29:24 - Paul’s portfolio rescue

30:48 - Paul’s 15 en-suite beauty

36:14 - Paul’s plans for the future – land developments – commercial to residential – coaching/mentoring – acquiring letting agency each annually

39:09 - Recommended software for property business

40:50 - Top advice for property investors

01:35 - Paul’s achievements in a nutshell

03:34 - Top tips on minimizing voids

08:17 - The 5 Ps to keep your properties full 365

14:24 - Bumper tip for giving notice to improve your voids

16:47 - Paul’s start in property

17:20 - The training that Paul did

19:20 - Paul’s lease option tips – The power of persuasion

23:00 - Making the leap from full-time employment



Empire Property and Lettings